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Monday, September 15, 2003  

Big Day for Bushie Lies

Last night I was reading the transcripts of Cheney on MTP earlier that day and I thought to myself, "my god, this is full of lies. I simply must save this transcript for tomorrow when I will have the time to pick it apart piece by piece on my mighty blog!" Imagine my surprise to wake up this morning and find that the Washington Post had already done it. But, wait, there's more:

David Corn reports on Cheney's most recent lies, and a bonus Bush whopper about education spending in a recent stump speech.

CalPundit focuses on the education whopper in Corn's article.

Brad DeLong has simply had enough. And so has Josh Marshall

Sigh... nothing left to post about. Oh well.

Update 9/17: Damn everyone seems to realize Cheney is lying, and lying, and lying, and lying...

LA Times: Cheney in Wonderland

Star Tribune Editorial:Truth / Too little of it on Iraq

Boston Globe: Cheney link of Iraq, 9/11 challenged

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