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Saturday, September 20, 2003  

Can I get some fries with that?

We've seen lots of "news" stories about the $87 billion dollars Bush is requesting for Iraq. We know that 66% of the public says nope, they aren't at all happy with the big, unexpected bill. Yet it's widely assumed that Congress will ultimately approve the request anyway. Can't screw over the boys in battle - Congress really has no choice but to approve it.

Meanwhile, the press reports on what we could've gotten for our money instead. (Not that we would have spent it on any of that stuff - after all the republicans are in charge of everything).

Then we have Bush, who seems concerned that he's "having trouble getting the message out," I guess because only 36% of us broke out into a rousing chorus of "I'm proud to be an American, where at least I know I'm free" upon hearing the cost. Others, in the same article, expend oxygen we'll never get back explaining why the speech didn't bump up his poll numbers (as if in some strange universe, it should have).

Lost in the flurry of the obvious and inane is the fact that one of the main reasons the appropriations request is so large is that the Bushies are undoubtly hoping the money will last for 14 months -- until the presidential election is over. Let's do the math.... [4 billion/mth x 14] + $20 billion for all the reconstruction we can do in a year = $76 billion, plus an $11 billion dollar fudge factor (or the graf built in to transfer money from the U.S. treasury to Halliburton) = $87 billion dollars.

Indeed, the memory hole of the American public is a huge bottomless pit and something dropped down into it a year before the election is likely to be long forgotten by the voters before they head to the polls in '04. Now if they could just do something about all the dead soldiers and the huge budget deficits.

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