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Saturday, September 13, 2003  

Disaster in the Making | Eleanor Clift

"So far, the Bush White House has just $2 billion in pledges. “Why should anybody fund this?” says a Senate Democrat. “In the eyes of the world this is our baby, this is our mistake.”

The true cost of reconstruction is closer to $300 billion, says Michele Flournoy, a senior advisor for international security at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington. The $20 billion won’t cover much more than repairing infrastructure damaged by sabotage. “We’re coasting rather than developing,” she says. Of the top 20 security concerns confronting America, toppling Saddam wouldn’t have made her list. “And because of Iraq, we’re not doing other things” like funding homeland security and protecting U.S. ports.

Bush has the bully pulpit, and if he says something often enough, it becomes common wisdom. As long as people believe Iraq is the “central front” in the war against terrorism, they’re very forgiving. Iraq has become a haven for Al Qaeda, a development that a Hill Republican dubs “the flypaper theory.” Having failed to rout the opposition in Iraq, Bush would have us believe the bad guys are now flocking to their destruction, making our job easier, not harder. This administration has great powers of self-delusion. The neocons are isolated from reality, but they run the government, and they’re unrepentant."

My only disagreement with this article is with the title. Iraq is already a disaster. It became a disaster on 9/12/01 when they decided to invade it and occupy it - facts, costs, complications, and risks be damned. They can't conceive of the possibility that they might be wrong about anything so there is no need for an examination of the facts or other bothersome details. Ideology rules above all else.

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