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Saturday, September 13, 2003  

Iraq WMD search: Coming up short | MSNBC

"THE HUNT for weapons of mass destruction, so far, has been a bust. Intelligence officials told NBC News there is no smoking gun. They thought they’d discovered a biological weapons lab, but it wasn’t one.

A massive CIA investigation, led by former U.N. weapons inspector Kay, is turning up only what former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein planned — not what he produced.

“He’s not finding the kinds of things the administration expected to find — large quantities of biological and chemical weapons or evidence that they were destroyed prior to the war,” said David Albright, a former U.N. weapons inspector."

Stand by.... the Bush propaganda spinmeisters are no doubt gearing up to convince us that documents about weapons of mass destruction programs are just as good as actual WMD themselves. This will be quickly followed by the "We told you so..." conservative pundits, as in "We told you Iraq had WMD....programs, er, um, I mean plans for programs. That's what Bush and Cheney said all along! These liberals are simply revisionist historians!"

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