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Sunday, September 14, 2003  

Misinformation - an epidemic

The Top Ten Conservative Idiots at Democratic Underground:

"A shocking poll revealed last week that almost 70 percent of Americans now believe that Saddam Hussein is linked to 9/11. Despite the lack of any evidence to make this case, the American people appear to have been led by the nose directly down George W. Bush's path, and its all thanks to the media. Why exactly do 69 percent of people think that Saddam and 9/11 are linked? Presumably because the Bush adminstration has been constantly mentioning them in the same sentence for the last two years, and the media has simply abrogated its responsibility to keep the people informed and done absolutely nothing to contradict this position. So for anyone out there who still believes that there is a liberal bias in the media, ask yourself why they have been willing participants in the farce which has allowed to Bush consistently mislead the American people and send us into an insane conflict from which there is now no obvious escape. Thanks guys."

Misinformation, a disease spread by the republican party and the media, has reached epidemic proportions. Unfortunately, duct tape and plastic sheeting offer no protection whatsoever. So far, the disease has not spread beyond U.S. borders, however, American citizens are urged to keep their heads up and be careful out there.... don't let it happen to you.

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