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Friday, September 19, 2003  

So-called liberal media strikes again!

Natasha over Pacific Views brings us a description of John Edwards by a CNN reporter:

"The millionaire trial lawyer promised to [fight for the working class.]"

And then give us a few examples of what we might hear IF the Bush / Cheney team got the same treatment from the press:

The two former energy company executives promise to respect the environment.

The ticket, with three drunk driving arrests between them, promises to encourage a culture of personal responsibility.

The veteran of several failed companies promises to bring the best traditions of the business world into the Oval Office.

The man who called a reporter an ***hole on mic promises to end the climate of bipartisan rancor in our nation's capital.

The former governor who mocked a woman on her way to be executed promises to serve as a compassionate conservative.

This wealthy son of a wealthy family claims direct knowledge of the concerns of those who have a hard time feeding their children."

How right you are, Natasha!

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