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Sunday, September 14, 2003  

WMD? What WMD?

Josh Marshall at Talking Points Memo brings us this revelation:

"Enough already! For a week or more I and others have been getting word that the long-awaited Kay Report -- the systematic investigation into Iraq's Weapons of Mass Destruction programs -- might be delayed or never even issued at all.

The administration has been telling us for months that it would be released in mid-September. And now, of course, it's mid-September.

Then a couple days ago NBC's Andrea Mitchell reported that Kay's survey had come up short, but implied that a report would indeed be issued when Kay returns to Washington this week.

But this morning the Sunday Times of London is reporting (subscription required) that "Britain and America have decided to delay indefinitely the publication of a full report on Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction after inspectors found no evidence that any such weapons exist."

Just days ago I posted on the NBC story and Bush's personal weapons inspector, David Kay, "coming up short" when it comes to finding WMD in Iraq. I predicted, like many others, that a heavy duty industrial sized spin job was in the works. If Marshall and the Sunday Times of London are correct it would seem that the Bushies have determined that not even their best spinners can turn this story around. Instead, down the memory hole it will go.

Setting aside the incredible arrogance of an administration that blithely decides we don't need to know anything that might shed a bad light on them (and make no mistake, that is a pretty huge thing to set aside), just how bad does the news have to be if even the Bush spinners won't take it on? Did they all get together in a back room somewhere and decide, "aw, shit, we can't make this fly; better bury it instead?"

Now back to the arrogance. Clearly, WE the PEOPLE, have an inalienable right to know if a combination of lies and incompetence were used to justify this war. If the press and the Congress let them get away with bagging this report, then democracy, already in a persistent vegetative state, will need a brain scan to determine if the last vestiges of life support should be removed, and democracy left to die peacefully.

Update: This story has still not made it to the US press as far as I can tell (will it ever?) but here's a non-subscription news site that sums up the UK story.

The Bushies seem to be sticking to their story, for now. Today on Meet the Press:

"Speaking of the chief U.S. weapons hunter, Cheney said: “David Kay’s task is to look for the people that were involved in the program, to find documentary evidence to back it up, to find physical evidence when he can find that. It’s a hard task, but I’ve got great confidence that he can do this.”

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